Fiber Connect of the Berkshires

Are you tired of waiting for that “last mile” of cable to be laid in your town? Ready to easily access the internet to work in your home office, stream your favorite shows, and experience a high-speed/high-bandwidth broadband network? Fiber Connect is here in the Berkshires. We want to be your internet service provider to provide fiber optic internet and digital phone services.

Fiber Connect is currently communicating with towns in the Southern Berkshires to launch high-speed high-bandwidth internet projects. Monterey and Egremont are currently in the first phases of multi-phase buildouts where participants will receive 1 GB fiber optic broadband network over the winter and spring 2017. We have engaged with utility companies to work on utility pole modifications. Once this is complete, Fiber Connect will roll out our fiber infrastructure to turn on internet and digital phone services for those customers.

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