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Fiber Connect to Deliver “Last Mile” Fiber Optic Internet Services in Egremont

Residents Sign Up for Winter/Spring 2017 Launch

Egremont, MA (December 15, 2016) – Fiber Connect of the Berkshires has opened orders for high-speed, high-bandwidth internet service in Egremont. Internet services to roll out in phases Winter/Spring 2017. Town residents who want internet service can sign up now and receive discounted rates at

Fiber Connect, a local Berkshire business founded in 2013, is currently working with utility companies in Egremont and Monterey. Now in the first phases of multi-phase buildouts, participants will receive 1 GB fiber optic broadband network as soon as the infrastructure is in place.

“We have engaged with utility companies to work on utility pole modifications,” said Adam Chait, Managing Director of Fiber Connect. “Once this is complete, Fiber Connect will roll out our fiber infrastructure and turn on internet and digital phone services for customers.”

A local business based in Monterey, Fiber Connect was the first private provider to expand the State’s fiber optic infrastructure by connecting more than a dozen businesses and select residential properties with direct fiber extensions throughout Berkshire County.

“As a privately funded company, we don’t require financial support from towns. We assume 100% of the liability and risk,” said Chait. “So, residents receive the benefit of super-fast internet service while town assumes no responsibility.”

Because of positive customer feedback and early sign ups, Chait expects that services could launch sooner than the projected timeline.

Interested residents can sign up for internet services today at the Fiber Connect of the Berkshires’ website – - and follow Fiber Connect on Facebook (Fiber Connect of the Berkshires) for updates. Interested residents can also call (413) 429-4224 to ask questions and sign up.

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