Monterey Fiber Internet is Almost Here!

Press Release: October 04, 2016:

MONTEREY, MA (Oct. 4, 2016) — After several years of planning, Fiber Connect LLC has opened orders for Fiber Optic Internet service, and thus is the first provider to bring a private fiber network to the Berkshires.

Starting with Monterey and with plans for further development, Fiber Connect will offer up to one gigabyte of bandwidth and digital phone service. Fiber Optic internet is fast and high capacity, delivering data literally at the speed of light.

A local business based in Monterey, Fiber Connect was the first private provider to physically expand the State Fiber Optic Infrastructure by connecting more than a dozen businesses and select residential properties with direct fiber extensions throughout Berkshire county. Founded by Adam Chait in 2013 after the state’s Middle Mile construction, Fiber Connect is privately funded with a network of talent.

“The goal of our company is to serve the partially served and underserved with broadband access — and to do so at a competitive price point,” Chait said. “In addition to fast and available internet access, the most beneficial of Fiber Connect’s offering is that all services are at no cost or risk to the town.”

“As a privately funded company, we do not need financial support from the towns in which we are deployed, we only ask for an open dialogue,” he said. “Fiber Connect assumes 100 percent of the financial liability and risk. This is a private build with no taxpayer liabilities.”

The question is, of course, how soon will service be available?

“We’re in the application and make-ready phases with the utility companies,” Chait said. “They expect to have their work done in three to six months. We will start our installation process as soon as sections become ready, concurrently with their progress. That could be within weeks over the next six months.”

To sign up, visit Fiber Connect’s website, The company is offering significant early signup promotions — 70% off with signup before Oct. 25 2016, for example.

“We are dedicated to our local community and are excited to bring this project to Monterey,” Chait said. “We’re offering excellent incentives for customers to sign up early so we can move forward as quickly as possible. We anticipate accelerating our second phase -- potentially before we finish Phase I -- based on positive customer feedback and early signups."

Fiber Connect is a local Berkshire County Internet Service Provider (ISP) that was developed specifically to meet the needs of our rural Berkshire communities. For more information and to sign up for Fiber Connect, visit or call the project-specific number for your town: Monterey Project: 413.429.4848; General Project Phone Number: 413.429.4109.

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